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Actavis Japan

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New Recruitment 

Now, we have no plan to recruit in any function.


Actavis is a dynamic, forward-thinking organization that offers exciting and unique opportunities at all levels across our Company – opportunities that encourage individuals to grow, contribute, innovate and excel. To enhance that global distinction, we’re looking for the best and brightest technical minds in regulatory affairs or quality assurance.

Actavis demands sharp, forward-thinking business professionals. If you’re passionate about driving global success in a vibrant company as part of a team that represents the 3rd largest generic company in the world operating in the 2nd largest pharmaceutical market in the world, connect with us to learn more about our various professional opportunities.

Address your interest to join our dynamic team to:

Actavis K.K.
Attention: Head of HR
h+ Bldg. 6F
Yaesu 2-4-11, Chuou-ku
Tokyo 104-0028 Japan
T +81 3 6225 2658
F +81 3 6225 2879

Our winning way

Challenge Yourself

At Actavis, there is no shortage of tasks, projects, strategies and initiatives that challenge, inspire and engage individuals at all levels.

We’re expanding globally. We’re growing our product portfolios. We’re actively filing new product applications around the world. We’re building a vibrant global employee culture. We’re developing tomorrow’s medicines. We’re hiring tomorrow’s talent. We’re identifying tomorrow’s business development opportunities. We’re focused on challenging you, challenging ourselves and driving success.

Connect Your Passion with Our Opportunity

We’re passionate about bringing medicines to market that help the people of the world live better, healthier lives. We’re also passionate about driving our Company to global prominence. That is reflected clearly in our Company milestones, financial results and growth strategies. We’re also passionate about giving back to our employees, the environment and to the communities in which we live and work.

At Actavis, you will find the ideal environment for applying your professional or technical passion. We welcome new ideas. We provide the support, resources and encouragement that enable you to take your career to new heights. We also offer cross-functional and volunteer opportunities enabling you to step outside of your role and expand your skill set.

Commit to Your Future

Actavis is committed to being a dynamic leader. We are also committed to recruiting and retaining the industry’s best and brightest employees. We pride ourselves on offering internal development and advancement opportunities, a vibrant and engaged employee culture, competitive compensation packages and one of the best working environments in our industry.

Commit to your future and join us

Join Us

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